Citizen 29

Solace was found…

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in the strangest, most unheard of corners and edges of the planet. Where endangered creatures and outcasts prospered, there she would be; sharing stories and imparting philosophies amongst a population eagerly seeking what she had already found.

I really want to get better at writing, so that means I’ll probably have to start reading more. I’ll start by re-reading one of my favorite books, “Hatchet,” by Gary Paulsen. It’s a short read, but one of the only fiction books I own :/ In the end, I would love to write a huge story, involving all of my demons, aliens, and creatures. I really have no clue how to compose a story though, so buckle up for the journey.

Citizen 29

Clergy 16

He was exiled…

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… to Planet 16. Considering himself king in this strangely empty stretch of humid land, he adopted a crown.

Figured I’d start giving these creatures some sort of a backstory. Keeping it to a few sentences for now though.

This piece here was done with mainly graphite and white charcoal. Prismacolor colored pencils were used for the eyes, galaxy gem, and background elements. Winsor & Newton gouache was used for the finishing touches on the highlights and stars in the galaxy gem. All done on a 10×13 piece of toned paper. Cheers!


Clergy 16