Eye Study

Long time no write. It’s been years since my last post, but time to brush the dust off this blog and oil up the typing muscles. I’ve been keeping busy trying to figure out where to take my life, and more importantly, where to take my art. I’ve worked plenty of meaningless jobs to fill in the gaps since the last update, hoping to find comfort somewhere in the job force, but no luck. It seems my destiny is to be an artist. Anyway, I’ll be updating here and my other social media outlets with all the artwork I’ve been creating. Hope you enjoy. For now here is a quick sketch I did last night using a reference picture from the book, “The Hula Kahiko Collection,” by Kim Taylor Reece.

The reference was really small. but challenging yourself is always good. I started the process the same I do with any other referenced drawing; very lightly with lines using Prismacolor carmine red ColErase pencil to block out all the shadows and to make sure the angles are right. It helps to turn there image upside down from time to time to get a fresh perspective. I wish I could draw while filming to show the full process, but for now, it’s just a description through words. I’ll for sure be using this book to draw from again. Great photography.

Thank you for looking and maybe reading.

Eye Study

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