Endiablado (The Wicked)

Here he is…

Process Endiablado

It took me 4 attempts to finally get the mandibles to work. Also, I just moved up from a 5.5×8.5in. toned gray sketchbook to a 9x12in. toned tan sketchbook so I’m still regaining my confidence… this is the first decent drawing from it. So far, the trouble lies in keeping the same gesture consistent from line drawing to finish. As you can see the line drawing has a snarling gesture and the finish is more uhh… retarded.

I’m thinking I might have to switch up subject matter since the hue of the paper calls for a more positive aura. But we’ll see. It boggles my mind how many different design ideas I have for just the bust of a character… the only way to alleviate this is to draw faster!

Endiablado (The Wicked)

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