Beauty in The Beast

Another quick one before work…


I’ve really been letting the pencil do the work lately. I’ll just put on some good music and let my hand run with it. Pretty relaxing. After the silhouette is interesting enough, I darken up the outline a bit more. I’ve been leaving the line drawing pretty rough and light with the last few busts, which lets me pull more light out with the white charcoal pencil and not get muddied up. Also, I’ve been trying to focus more on the creature/character design instead, then later work in the costume design. I realized that 5x8in. is too small to work in some of the crazy costume ideas I’ve had. Sketchbook almost done!

Beauty in The Beast

2 thoughts on “Beauty in The Beast

  1. Great again man! I had no idea they were that small! Have you thought about bumping up to a larger format?I imagine your hand could really run wild if you nailed some large pieces of paper on a board or the wall..just a thought..but keep up the good work. I enjoy seeing these 🙂

    1. Thanks Steve! Yea it’s getting frustrating working this small. I plan on moving up to a 9×12 sketchbook or bigger and working on an easel because sitting all day is just killing my back. I’m just not sure if I want to stick to toned paper or move on to a different medium. Or just switch up subject haha. Well glad you like them dude. We’ll see where they get me.

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