Martian Under Constructian

The title was not a typo…

Alien Bust

At this stage, I start to map out the big shapes, starting with the shadows. I’m still using only an HB pencil so I still have some wiggle room to push the darkest areas. I use the same method for the light areas. I’m always aware of my light source so I know where to and where not to use the white. I’m also staying aware of local value of things; i.e. sleeves, belt, jewel. And I’m still trying to figure out the head design and what to do with the “ears.” I shoulda not outlined those parts 😦

A new technique I’m using? No erasing. Unfortunately, I’m not getting that finished look so I might have to use it. We’ll see what the blending stump will do first. Okay bye

Martian Under Constructian

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