The Archbishop of A Planet Unknown

My newest drawing from my toned paper sketchbook series…

Character Bust

This is my new favorite. I just really liked the concept of writing some notes on the page while still keeping it an overall pleasing drawing. This is why I wrote them vertically and at some point upside down. If they were written in a typical note taking format, I think it would have distracted from the focal point. I also added some value changes on the lettering to make it feel more like a background. I will definitely be using this method again.

Dare you to figure out what the notes say 🙂

The Archbishop of A Planet Unknown

2 thoughts on “The Archbishop of A Planet Unknown

    1. Thank you! Yeah this is just my own sketchbook. I’ve just really been enjoying the process and I just love the look of toned paper drawings. As for Ralph MacQuarrie, it’s just a coincidence, but I’m flattered! I was never aware of this artist until you mentioned him.

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