Technique! Technique!

I’m almost embarrassed to share this, but it should serve as encouragement to anyone and everyone…

Bust Studies
Bust Studies

This is an 11x14in. page of bust studies I fiddled around with a couple days ago. I posted even the not-so-impressive sketches in the first 2 rows to illustrate the importance of experimentation.

First of all, the whole Prismacolor silhouetting technique is still pretty new to me. I just discovered it a few weeks ago when I started work on my Visual Development project. Its an awesome technique and I encourage anyone to try it. Its a good way to really let loose and let ideas pour out,

As for the experimentation aspect, you can see that I tried using a brush pen for the first two in column 1, which didn’t come out as I had hoped. I then tried using graphite and smaller touches of brush pen with the next two in column 2, still not so hot. Finally, as in the last row, I started using just value to describe the forms, alas! Enjoy. I’ll be posting some more work I did when all this holiday shit dust settles.

Note: The 2 blank silhouettes is how I started all of these studies. Just blobs of color 🙂


Technique! Technique!

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