Remember that portrait sketch I did of the character I’m developing? The alien dude with the cool hairdo? Okay this guy…

Alien Undead
5×7 Graphite and Micron Pens on White Copy Paper.
Background done with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Well I entered it to the monthly image contest and I won 4th place! Yeah. 4th place and I’m pretty excited. I’ve never entered any art contests, so therefore my art has never won me anything. Now I get 2 free DVD’s of my choosing from The Gnomon Workshop DVD library :D… I went with the first 2 of a 4 part series with the legendary Syd Mead. I encourage any other artist reading this to enter these contests. Why not? Later!


3 thoughts on “Winning!!

    1. Thanks dude! I was pretty stoked myself. This continuous line style I use is my favorite way to sketch

      You should definitely visit this website. I think by entering these contests you could get more traffic to your site.

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