Character Design

Here is a sneak peek at a project I’m currently working on for my perspective class. It’s a visual development project that we are in charge of, from story to concept art. These are some of the images I have done…

It doesn’t look like much now, but let me explain how much has gone into this. All the inspiration came from the one drawing of the crazy-haired no-lip alien sketch that I had posted a while back. I just loved his gesture because it said so much about who he could possibly be (I developed a back story too. I’ll post it some other time.) So, I decided to really develop him. This is my first time doing this type of visual development work, but I’m really enjoying it so far. From the gesture of the bust sketch I did, I envisioned him as sophisticated, so I loosely sketched out a couple of ballet poses (thanks to my girlfriend, I now know what these are.) I tried all but a 1st and I ended up really happy with the 4th position. I then did a tight sketch, with little to no reference, to work out proportions. Then over that, I did an ink drawing. I then scanned it in to Photoshop, copied it multiple times, lowered the opacity, printed it out and did some costume designs over it. Super time-consuming, I know, but I’m just so much more comfortable in traditional mediums for the time-being.
I’m in the process of messing with the bust of the alien, just to see if there is another way to draw his features or hairstyle that might be more interesting. So stay tuned for that. K bye

Character Design

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