Cheshire Cat-O-Lantern

Here is a vector illustration I just finished. I probably clocked in around 10 hours on this. Most of it was tinkering with little details towards the end. It came out almost exactly how I envisioned it, which is sort of a first. Take a peek at some of the process, from sketch to finish…

So a little run through for those that like to read. The original idea was sketched out on a cleaning rag at work, sketched in my sketchbook, scanned in, vectorized outline, printed out a copy, mapped out values, scanned back in, vectorized, added textures, thrown into photoshop, adjusted levels and added the stripes on a color dodge layer at low opacity… phew! And that was it. A lot of breaks in between to refresh the vision.

I might, at some point in the future, add some text. Maybe prints? I don’t know.

Cheshire Cat-O-Lantern

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