The Leprechaun

Here is a sketchbook drawing I turned into a presentable piece of art. All I did was scan it in, threw it into Photoshop, adjusted the black and white levels, gaussian blurred it, reduced noise, and used a custom brush to make the background a bit more interesting. This whole process was pretty easy and really worth it since I didn’t want this sketch to look… sketchy haha. I put it in a square frame so that I could easily post it on my instagram feed. I encourage any other artist to try these steps to give any good sketch a boost….. presentation is key!

Graphite, Ink, & Photoshop
The Leprechaun

I’m amazed that this sketch started off with no previous thought. Just start squiggling my pencil around and it started taking shape. Try that too! If your on Instagram, you should follow me @mrangelperez

The Leprechaun

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