Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market: Revisited

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I have had a surplus of crap on my plate lately. I’m back, first of all, to update the status of the mailers I sent out using the “Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market” books’ directory.

I had prepared a total of 32 mailers, which inside had; a query letter with my name, contact info, my experience, my availability for freelance work, yadda yadda yadda, a sample sheet of some recent work, a tear sheet with a big watercolor portrait, and a postcard of a character I designed (all images on a previous post.) I browsed through the books’ directory for potential clients to mail to, bought the postage, put it all in a manilla envelope, mailed them out, and patiently waited. The disappointment was slow at first, after I had received 1 or 2 envelopes back stamped with “Incomplete Address” or something along those lines. The little disappointment turned into heartbreak in a matter of weeks when I had got back 8 of the mailers and hadn’t received any form of reply from the other 24 recipients 😦 It turns out some of the addresses in this book don’t even exist anymore and some art directors and editors aren’t even at the company anymore. It’s just all really outdated. So any artist trying to use this book to help kick-start a freelance career should really hold on to something very tightly because it’s gonna be a lot of investment, with both time and money.

If I’m trying something that was done in the 80’s or something please LET ME KNOW. I feel like a dude still using a pager haha

Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market: Revisited

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