Out With the New. In With the Old

So I found a ton of old drawings from school that I had set apart to be photographed at some point in time. I don’t remember how I came about them all I remember is how I felt when I did… inspired (not to sound cocky or anything). I never had a very good camera so I never took the time to photograph them and never had the time, money, or drive to go get them professionally done. Fortunately, my girlfriend now has an SLR camera so I dropped everything I was doing, set up a little photo shoot in my garage and got started. I still have to manipulate them a bit in Photoshop, but I’m so excited that I have to share the few that are done. First up, is a mixed media painting that was done in I-don’t-know-what class. When I found it, the painting was very unfinished, as are most of my other class assignments, so I took all day yesterday and experimented on it. I took out a brand new box of pastels and went to work. Here are the before and after photos.

The base was done in watercolor and I added chalk pastel, used a paper stump to blend, and at the end I decided to get a really small spotter brush and do some line work with India ink. Then made some adjustments in Photoshop and added text with the help of Illustrator. I’m pretty satisfied with the results considering the under-painting was done a few years ago. I’m mostly satisfied with the experimentation because I think I found a style I like for now. Next is a portrait I did in a Heads & Hands class. This was a 3 hour pose I believe done in black and white charcoal pencil on Canson toned paper. No smudging was used, the instructor, Chris Newhard, wouldn’t allow it (I now respect him so much for this). It was all just based on pressure and charcoal pencil softness and hardness. Yadda yadda yadda here’s the drawing.

18x24in Charcoal Portrait
18x24in Charcoal Portrait

… and an 1 hour ink wash drawing done in the same class.

16x20in Ink Wash Portrait
16x20in Ink Wash Portrait

Critiques are more than welcome.. they’re encouraged 🙂

Out With the New. In With the Old

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