Late Night Bic

i did this sketch last night from about 12am ’till 1am after going 2 full days of marketing, self promotion and looking for work. and yes I took the time to scan it in and make adjustments on Photoshop πŸ™‚ This sketch captures how I’ve been feeling lately… stressed. The bubble is just a quote from a kid cudi song i was listening to at the time called “rain.” I think the text in the bubble kinda ruined the illustration, but its more of a personal piece anyways so whatever… i guess

i also decided that i will post all relevant information to help any other artists sharing my struggle in trying to freelance.

Late Night Bic

5 thoughts on “Late Night Bic

    1. thanks steve! yea i had been inspired by some great caricatures from jeff stahl and exhausted at the same time and this was the product haha… oh and nice to see you back into pencil and paper

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