AGAIN With the Hatchet Cover??

yes. again with the “hatchet” book cover. i just feel like to much has been put into this thing to just leave it half-assed. i just barely learned how to add textures in illustrator yesterday and i went crazy with it. its a pretty simple process, for those who dont already know how to do it. it involves getting yourself a suitable texture image and setting it in a transparency mask. its better than my previous process, which was simply to erase away at the type with a textured brush in photoshop. check out this tutorial i watched. his voice is like a lullaby and im sure theres better ones out there but this is the one i watched and i got what i wanted with it. keep in mind you have to already be sort of familiar with some illustrator basics.

anyways, here is the book cover again. revisited for the 2nd time. and i really appreciate critiques and feedback. ill do anything to improve or to help make this a portfolio quality piece. ill even take blogging advice because im pretty new to it too.

Hatchet Book Cover
Hatchet Book Cover


AGAIN With the Hatchet Cover??

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