The Quest for The Elusive A

14 weeks later and the semester is coming to an end. it has been one helluva ride for me. let me just give you a rundown of what is required in ONE of my two classes, EVERY week; 3 black&white orthographic drawings (this means skeleton drawing, muscle drawing, and surface drawing), 1 characterized version of your animal/creature IN COLOR, 1 full-color rendered realistic painting of the animal/creature in its natural habitat or an environment pertaining to the required reading, “the last unicorn,” and a silhouetted human and creature to show scale. OOH AND all drawings are to be assembled on a 11x17in file with informational text about the animal/creature and a description of the character, and also quotes from either “the last unicorn” OR the other book we had to read “the book of beasts.” and this is assigned every week. i mean, who doesn’t have the time to get an A on one of these assignments right?

aside from all this, i have another class which is portfolio preparation and self promotion in which i had to design a tear sheet, business cards, a portfolio, and do a collaborative project. luckily, the collaborative project let me work on the designs for our clothing brand, raw legends company, and get a grade at the same time (before this project i was working on designs on the side.) im not complaining or anything because in reality it just prepared me for real life freelancing. i learned to budget time and picked up on some photoshop and marker techniques and some essential animal anatomy knowledge as well. but damn did it kick my ass,

i had promised myself earlier in the semester that i would get an A on AT LEAST one of these animal/creature assignments and this is all i had to work through to get it. my assignment has not been graded yet but i want to show you the herculean effort i put towards this last chance at an A.

here are the orthographic drawings. simple. done in graphite and ink.


here is the full-color render of the beast. it was all done in photoshop. i really took my time on it. i could easily spend another 4 hours on this but i had to stop.


and here is the full-color characterized version. this was all done in prismacolor markers with minor adjustments done in photoshop. im starting to really love markers 🙂


The Quest for The Elusive A

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