Hatchet Book Cover: Revisited

i had a feeling this moment would come. the moment when i see something else i could have done to a “finished” piece to make it better. i dream of the day when shit like this doesnt happen and i just get it right the first time.

anyways, i was looking at the hatchet book cover i did a while back and something bugged me about it.. i pointed my finger at the type. it was just too… clean. the book has nothing to do with cleanliness and the cover had nothing but textures. luckily i had the photoshop file still saved (i usually only save the jpeg) so i went back in with one of my favorite photoshop brushes and erased my way to a rough-edged title. what do you think??

mixed media. watercolor, acrylic, illustrator
Hatchet Book Cover: Revisited

What Do You Think?

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