Hooters… My New Obsession

birds have been my subject for study and research the last couple of days, more specifically, Tyto alba, or barn owl. im in the stages of researching and collecting reference for the skeleton drawing of the barn owl which will be posted later with kind of an interesting back-story. for now, here is the pencil drawing i did for the surface of the owl. it was interesting to find out that the shape of the face and its feathers help the owl pick up and pinpoint sound. that might have been basic barn owl 101 but it was totally new information for me. im more than just a little interested in these animals so anyone with fresh insight leave a comment 🙂 and also, animal anatomy experts, please tell me of any mistakes ive made in this drawing. particularly in the wing area

8.5x11 graphite & ink. photoshop
Hooters… My New Obsession

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