Its A Deer! Its A Horse!… Its A Unicorn?

this is one of my most satisfactory creations done in my creature design class. i think ive said this a few times before. but the focus of this class is to correctly and believably combine the features of two or more species of animals into a mythological creature. this one here is a unicorn based off descriptions in the book “the last unicorn” by peter s. beagle and “the book of beasts” by t.h. white, which mostly describe it as a thin, slender creature more like a deer or antelope than a horse. also, ive incorporated a new way to post my black and white art. this one here simply has a thin frame with a copywright stamp on the bottom. ill be posting another drawing soon where you can see more of what im talking about with this new presentation format… so stay tuned!! errr stay online or whatever

ps. i would also like to give some credit to eliot goldfinger for his amazing book “animal anatomy for artists.” this book has been my primary animal musculature and skeletal reference

8.5x11in each. graphite & ink. photoshop
Its A Deer! Its A Horse!… Its A Unicorn?

2 thoughts on “Its A Deer! Its A Horse!… Its A Unicorn?

  1. Steve Beadle says:

    Looking good man. I particularly like the muscle view (bottom). Also like your idea about some sort of unified presentation and stamp. I’ve been meaning to sort that out myself. I don’t even sign stuff.

    1. AP says:

      thanks steve! yea its one of those things that you know you have to do you just never do it :/ like. i mean… but yea you should do it. i just typed mine up in illustrator then copy pasted and lowered the transparency. easy as pie… i think thats an expression right? well it is now

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