My First Book Cover

book cover i just finished for one of my favorite books. clocked in about 8 hours on this one. this isnt published or anything it was for a homework assignment a while back. the background was a technique we were learning where we took some magazine clippings and pasted them down to a canvas with some matte medium. after it dried we went over the collage with a thin acrylic glaze. for this one in particular i laid down quite a few layers. for the silhouette i took a picture of myself walking away from the mirror (seems impossible but i did it) then i transferred it to watercolor paper and did some super quick washes. i tried to capture the feeling of night with the whole thing. finally i did the type in illustrator. ive been learning a lot about design lately and am really liking it so i figure this would be good practice. im not sure how book illustration works and i dont know if the vertical reading of the title would be acceptable but it looks cool :/ if your into design and wana learn a bit more about it i suggest you pick up Logo, Font, & Lettering Bible by Leslie Cabarga

8.5x11in acrylic, watercolor, photoshop, illustrator



My First Book Cover

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