Ol’ Jimi

so here is an oldie but goodie. i did this painting last year for a homework assignment and i feel it deserves to be shared. in all modesty,  its one of my proudest works and one of my first watercolor paintings. i enjoy working with this medium because of the pressure it puts me in. watercolor only gives you a short window of time to adjust or rework  for fear of the dreaded back-run/back-wash. its a defect when you lay a brush stroke down and the paint isnt wet or dry but just damp. the color will move away from the stroke in a irregular way and kinda ruin the painting (or totally make it better) you can see a small example of this in the flower at the bottom right corner where the orange meets the yellow.  ive yet to do another portrait in watercolor but i plan on fitting it in my schedule again soon. ’till next post 🙂