Mission: Photoshop

ive had adobe photoshop for quite some time now. i started off with cs3 and upgraded to cs5 recently. unfortunately i have no hard experience with painting in photoshop. i try to stay away from the digital look and try to keep it looking traditional; this is where the challenge lies. in order to get a natural look you need to experiment with custom brushes. i have yet to find a custom brush that closely represents a natural hair bristle brush 😦 anyways, practice makes perfect and here is an honest try. i did this painting in an hour. i feel its good to time yourself so you try to focus on the big shapes and values.

8.5inx11in still-life, photoshop


8.5×11 still-life, photoshop
Mission: Photoshop

6 thoughts on “Mission: Photoshop

  1. Steve Beadle says:

    Have you tried corel painter? some of the natural brushes are pretty amazing. I’ve not tried working in purely photoshop for a painting but painter gives a lot more of a traditional feel I think.

    1. AP says:

      you know what i have the program but i have never got around to practicing on it. i have seen pieces from other artist done in painter (yours included) and i agree it does look more natural. i need to make some time for that program

      1. Steve Beadle says:

        I really enjoy using it and found it pretty easy to learn. I think I need to make time to learn to paint in photoshop aswell though..looks a bit more complex.

      2. AP says:

        yea i wish i had more time in a day.. and i wish sitting down at my desk was comfortable for extended periods of time haha.

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