The Lemon: Part I

so the last couple of days have been full of trial and error. i been painting this aluminum water bottle thing and i have finally reached an understanding of its form (as you can see in this image below 🙂 unfortunately i cannot say the same about the poor little lemon. now the form of the bottle was easy to convey this time around (using horizontal brush strokes instead of the quicker vertical strokes) but i cant yet grasp the form of the lemon. the colors are somewhat satisfactory but i was having trouble figuring out which direction to lay my brush strokes down. also, i read this years edition of “Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market” and it made me realize that i cant lose my individuality. so, the grammar, vocabulary, and even spelling in my posts will most likely not be 100% correct, but, its all me 🙂

9inx12in oil on panel


The Lemon: Part I

4 thoughts on “The Lemon: Part I

    1. AP says:

      yea a new fruit that only i have access to haha. thank you though. the right one is the result of about 5 bad paintings. no better teacher than experience.

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