I Hope This is a Good Start

Hi to anyone whos reading this. I wana start by saying that i’m totally new to blogging and almost all social networking as a whole. I just recently reactivated my Facebook profile and have yet to explore other sites like Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebooks new layout. Still, I’m kinda looking forward to doing all of this because its all being done to share some of my random thoughts and artwork with the people who care enough about it. anyways i think thats enough jibber jabber for now. i will be posting some artwork soon. i just wana get situated with all the social networking frenzy that i seem to be oblivious to. until then, my artwork can be seen at http://conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=159056&page=4

im only using this website for a bit until i get an actual website up and running.

I Hope This is a Good Start

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